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Welcome to Almighty Services, one of the best choices for your Plumbing needs in La Mesa and surrounding areas. Every project is unique, and we give the same amount of attention to it, whether it is a big job or a small one. This value service is what makes us stand out in the market and why our customers remember us whenever they need a Plumbing job done.


Water Heaters

Troubleshoot, repair and replacement with contractor grade units including new installations, temporary re-location including upgrades and resizing for tankless hot water systems.

Sewer Service

Drain cleaning, repair and replacement of sewer lines, and household drains.


Perform residential testing and camera inspection of gas, sewer and water systems

Faucet repair and installation

Faucet repair and installation of most brands, make recommendations for replacement or upgrades to existing fixtures, new valves and water lines.

Water and gas line

Water and gas line location and repair of leaks, replacement of faulty lines, installation of new lines including rerouting as necessary.


Almighty Services is built on the strength and innovation of the newest plumbing technology combined with old school plumbing technique and heritage. Our team of highly skilled craftsman are very capable to solve your plumbing problems while delivering the excellent customer service. Our company is well-experienced in the business of providing plumbing, sewer services, water related repairs and inspections for the people in the San Diego area.

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