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Commercial plumbing is a whole different ballgame than residential and we at Almighty Plumbing Services are experts in respecting the differences. Any disruption in your commercial venture is a bad one. At Almighty Plumbing Services we can minimize the fuss and mess so you and your customers/residents won’t even realize there was a problem.

Many commercial buildings have multiple floors with sinks, toilets and fixtures on every floor. They require a different set of codes and regulations regarding their arrangement and installation. Almighty Services technicians are well versed in all of CA plumbing codes and regulations and can service and install in all commercial situations.


Water Heaters Repair of all brands, new installations, modifications including upgrades and resizing.

Commercial gas inspections.

Faucets Repair and installation of all brands, recommendations for upgrades to existing fixtures, and provision of new water lines.

Water and Gas Lines Location and repair of leaks, replacement of faulty lines, installation of new lines, and rerouting.

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